Tag: Autism

  • I’m tired of fighting

    I’m tired of fighting for everything I have. I have to fight my doctors! I have to fight for my benefits! I have to fight my family for a small slice of respect which I still don’t have! I have to fight the opposite sex who want to tell me I am worthless when all […]

  • Why?

    Why is it that I am being penalised yet again for the fact that the DWP is behind the times. They should have been able to receive video evidence especially as they forced all claimants to have a telephone assessment during the pandemic. Honestly, now they are holding up the hearing by not being digitally […]

  • How to make a non disabled person understand?

    This is a question that has been plaguing me for years. How do I make it understandable to non disabled people what being disabled is like. Especially with hidden disabilities. This is also going to be a tough post to write as I am explaining everything that I go through, have gone through and how […]

  • My no no list

    With autism, you can either be over stimulated or under stimulated by things. I wish, honestly, I was under stimulated by things, but that is not what the good Lord had in mind for me. My emotions seem to always be cranked up to 1,000,000 and when something happens that affects my interests then I […]

  • When did joking about disability become acceptable?

    I want to address the Chris Rock, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith situation at the Oscars. I would also like to address the organisers of the Oscars as well and all celebrities. Firstly, I know what it is like to have disabilities and health conditions. I have the following; Autism Dyslexia Depression PTSD Spinal […]

  • A message to all Celebrities

    Dear Celebrities, I hope you read this and understand the message. It is not a begging message, it is not a reason to guilt you. This message is to teach you about those who dont fit into any category. I watch all these posts that you do about what you do for charities that you […]

  • Prepping has a bad rep

    So I am a prepper by heart. Maybe it is the autistic person in me that when I see a danger coming I make sure that I am covered for as many possibilities. Despite this, I am a prepper. Prepping does have a bad rep because of cults and dooms day cults who took on […]

  • Disability is not always something you can see!

    I wanted to talk about disability. There is still this mind set that disabled people are people in wheelchairs, on crutches full time or low functioning people. However, this is not always the case. I have autism, spinal problems, dyslexia, depression, PTSD and asthma. The spinal problems are the only thing that you can see […]

  • Single Life – The only thing for me

    When you come from abuse relationships are a difficult thing to negotiate. I went seriously off the rail until my autism diagnosis. Because of this, after my last relationship broke up I decided to stay single. I kept going from one relationship to another without finding understanding myself. So for me single life is the […]

  • Neurotypical language

    As an autistic woman I have always struggled with how Neurotypical people word things. Tonight, I was on my TikTok live and people kept saying to me, “do I have muscles”. My answer was of course you do. You would not be able to do what you were doing if you didn’t. This apparently got […]

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