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Tag: Autism

  • Terrified for the NHS

    I have been watching the news about the NHS and I am absolutely terrified. I am terrified that the NHS will collapse and I will be screwed. To explain. Because of my back problems, I am on high dosage pain relief called gabapentin. That would cost me, then there is the contraceptive pill which I […]


  • I don’t want to be disabled

    Someone today told me that I was a proud disabled person and that was wrong of me. It is not that I am proud to be disabled. I am not proud that I was born in the wrong decade so my dyslexia was not diagnosed until 16 and autism at 31. I am not proud […]

  • WWE Divas saved me

    I am having trouble sleeping today and I think it is because of the fact that I saw this amazing and emotional video done by the WWE retelling a joy they made happen for a poorly child. It made me realise that they probably don’t know how much they save people and help people who […]

  • Surviving Familial Abuse

    Surviving familial abuse is one of the hardest things that you have to do in the world. This is because if you survive to adulthood, you have already been let down by the schools, social services and the police by being left with your abusers. Then, as an adult you end up feeling dependant on […]

  • Autism – The internal monologue

    People who are classed as high functioning autistic people can be considered as well adjusted. What people do not realise is that just because we are higher functioning then autistic people who can not live alone, does not mean we do not have our difficulties. I had a conversation with my line manager and I […]

  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – Anti Domestic Abuse Victims

    Dear Survivors or Victims of Domestic Abuse, If you live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea please get the hell out of that borough. If you are in social housing find a way to get yourself out as soon as possible. When I was an occupant to a tenancy I reported domestic abuse […]

  • Tired

    I am tired of being outcast because I became disabled. Disabled people get a bums rush when it comes to the world. We get abused in the street and on social media. We do not get support to get back into work and stay there. When we do get into work we have to deal […]

  • I’m tired of fighting

    I’m tired of fighting for everything I have. I have to fight my doctors! I have to fight for my benefits! I have to fight my family for a small slice of respect which I still don’t have! I have to fight the opposite sex who want to tell me I am worthless when all […]

  • Why?

    Why is it that I am being penalised yet again for the fact that the DWP is behind the times. They should have been able to receive video evidence especially as they forced all claimants to have a telephone assessment during the pandemic. Honestly, now they are holding up the hearing by not being digitally […]

  • How to make a non disabled person understand?

    This is a question that has been plaguing me for years. How do I make it understandable to non disabled people what being disabled is like. Especially with hidden disabilities. This is also going to be a tough post to write as I am explaining everything that I go through, have gone through and how […]